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Whether this is your first sale, or your fiftieth, knowing market trends and industry updates from seasoned and contemporary experts is a must!

Waiting and Watching?

Have you been waiting and watching(?) – Trying to keep your real estate investment safe until the market recovered?  Are you finally ready to sell at a price reflecting the potential your home had when you originally invested?  Are you preparing now for a successful return to market?

The Meaning of Success

Successfully selling your home requires far more than placing a “for sale” stake in the yard, with idealistic hopes that it will sell.  Positioned well, and aligned strategically – the right buyer(s) will seek out your property, and pay accordingly.

The Role of Your Agent

Your agent’s role is not only to bring prospects to your home, but to thoroughly understand the marketplace, while boldly and broadly showcasing your home’s attributes!  Your agent should closely identify with you; but also your property, effectively leveraging negotiations in your favor.  Your agent could feel like your best friend, but more importantly they should be best suited to service you, and attract top dollar.

Your agent should understand your objectives.  Does your agent know enough about you, and the character of your home to negotiate on your behalf?  Does s/he understand that effective negotiations are both a skill, and an art?  Poor leveraging can cost you time, money and on potentially the entire deal.

Put your investment in the hands of our 40 year area brokerage - that has never left the city! We will continue to leverage your investments and help you reach an even brighter financial future. Our experts will develop a comprehensive strategy, and achieve top dollar for your property – every time!

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